First Trimester

Month 1 (1- 4 weeks gestation)
An egg is released from the ovaries and fertilized by sperm. The fertilized egg then travels through the fallopian tubes to the uterus over the 3-4 days. Once in the uterus the fertilized egg embeds itself in the uterine wall, creating an embryo, through a process called
implantation which can take about 6 days. There the embryo continues to multiply into more cells.Although every woman and every pregnancy is different, the most commonly noticeable symptom during the first month is the missed period. Other symptoms that occur may be slight breast tenderness, nausea, increased fatigue and bloating

Month 2 (5-8 weeks gestation)
As the embryo cells continue to grow internal organs and a circulatory system begins to form. By week 6 your baby has a heartbeat! Buds for arms and leg begin to form and your baby has knee and elbow joints. External eyes, ears, and lips can be seen as well. By week 8 your baby’s reproductive organs have formed as is either girl or boy.Common symptoms noticed during the second month of pregnancy include nausea, bloating, breast tenderness intensifying, frequent urination and heartburn. You may also notice your heart beating faster due to increased blood volume that occurs with pregnancy.

Month 3 (9-12 weeks gestation)
This marks the end of the embryonic stage of pregnancy. The fetus has defined external sex organs and the umbilical cord has now grown connecting your baby to the
placenta and uterine wall. Your baby is approximately 2-3 inches (5-8 cm) long and has fingers and toes. Symptoms are increasingly noticeable and you may feel your baby moving. Your breast begins to enlarge and the areola (the area around the nipple) may darken or increase in size.

Second Trimester

The second trimester includes weeks 13 through 27 of a pregnancy. In the second trimester, the baby grows larger and stronger and many women begin showing a larger belly.

Third Trimester

Fetal development continues during the third trimester. Your baby will open his or her eyes, gain more weight, and prepare for delivery. The end of your pregnancy is near!