Vaginal Birth Plan & Comfort Measures Workshop

Let's get together and plan your best birth! Vaginal or Cesarean birth you have so many choices.

A birth plan is way more than checking off boxes. It evolves over time. The process itself, if thorough, results in major self education and in depth preparation to determine what choices you would like, to make your best birth possible.

Allow us to help you when you register for a workshop

Registration includes:

  • Customized Birth plan
  • Admission for you and 1 support person
  • Comfort Measures instruction
  • Q&A with your favorite - #NurseDoulaIBCLC
  • Fun learning with other expecting parents
  • Follow up resources
  • Group discount (over 50% off!)

You leave with a birth plan in hand you will surely be prepared to carry out on your big day!

Even without doula birth support this workshop is something you can't NOT take advantage of!

Class Dates:

***Private classes available upon request. Book a private session with friends and save. For one on one sessions book Birth Plan Assistance**

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