Virtual Placenta Encapsulation Class

Are you a DIY mom that wants to encapsulate your own placenta? Or a professional wanting to provide this service to your clients? Get 1 on 1 training to learn the art of placenta encapsulation.  

This virtual class takes place in 2 sessions on consecutive days as we walk you through the steps of processing your placenta. Learn how to encapsulate a placenta right in your own home.

  • Day 1 (2 hours)- Tour your placenta, clean and prep, begin processing
  • Day 2 (1-2 hours)- Create your final placenta products, learn about proper storage, final questions

Professionals have 1 year to complete the self paced certification option.

  • In addition to this class process 2 placentas and complete our training material. No tests or exams.

Class Dates:

Schedule at your convenience

***Placentas may be processed up to 12 months after birth **

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