Freebirth Package Sovereign Assurance

Looking for safe care after your sovereign unassisted birth? “Going unassisted” does not mean being unsupported and alone.  Allow us to support you however you see fit in the first 48 hours after your freebirth. This is an in home visit for mom and/or baby to ensure everyone is transitioning well after your powerful experience. We can complete the routine cares for baby and/or provide initial recovery management if mom is needing extra support to prevent/limit hospital involvement. You choose what kind of support is best for you. Single 1-2 hour visit without birth support.

Choose any of the options provided below:

  • Initial consultation
  • Postpartum maternal exam
  • Management of increased bleeding
  • Maternal IV fluids
  • Repair vaginal tears (1 or 2 degree only)
  • Newborn exam
  • Newborn hearing screen
  • Routine newborn state screen
  • Newborn CCHD
  • Filing birth certificate
  • Referrals as needed

Price $400

**Birth kit and pool rental available for additional $400 fee.

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