Midwife Postpartum Care

This service provides care for mom up to 12 weeks postpartum and 6 weeks of newborn care. In home care helps to keep you right where you belong during your recovery. Women recovering from any birth--long labors or cesareans and their new babies deserve passionate care that promotes overall wellness and bonding. Fewer trips to multiple providers in the first weeks means a less stressful 4th trimester. Each visit includes maternal/infant vital signs, maternal care, infant care, breastfeeding support, and care coordination as needed.

  • Initial consultation
  • 1 Prenatal Visit (video call or in person)- discuss your pregnancy/birth history,  postpartum needs, home tour, & create  postpartum nursing plan.
  • 6 visits for mom and baby
  • 2 visits for mom only
  • Call/text/email support from birth until 12 weeks postpartum
  • Appointment availability from 38- 42 weeks of pregnancy (if hired before birth)
  • Review your birth experience, evaluate breastfeeding progress, adjustment postpartum, address additional needs
  • Visits are geared toward mom and/or infant care and can be adjusted as needed to meet your medical postpartum goals.
  • Education and encouragement for your partner and support circle on how to be most effective in their roles

**All services must be completed by 12 weeks postpartum

Sliding Scale $1,500-$2,000

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