Midwife Prenatal Care

This service provides full prenatal care only from 8 weeks until birth. Receive the trusted care of community midwifery in pregnancy then birth your baby at the hospital of your choosing with hospital staff (or freebirth if desired). This service is for those who desire the personalized in depth care of midwife practice, but have a need to birth in a medical facility or choose to have an unassisted home birth. Planned cesareans or those with other medical needs including pain management get the best of both worlds. We send your medical records to the hospital you prefer so hospital providers can oversee your birth care. This service averages 35-60 hours of support per client outside of regular medical appointments.

  • Initial consultation
  • Prenatal care from 8 weeks until birth-  maternal assessment, review of medical and pregnancy history, goal setting, and creating care plan for your birth. Partners are welcomed to join you in your visits.  
  • Routine customary lab work
  • Referral for Ultrasound or physician consults
  • 2 prenatal doula appointments
  • Call/text/email support
  • Unlimited access to virtual library and resources until 12 weeks postpartum
  • Access to our  Client Community Forums
  • Access to live childbirth classes
  • Access to Evidence Based Birth Savvy Prenatal Curriculum
  • 1 postpartum visit within 6 weeks- review your birth experience, evaluate breastfeeding progress, adjustment postpartum, address additional needs

**This does NOT include our attendance at your birth

Sliding Scale $3,500-$4,000

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