Birth Plan Assistance

**This service is offered virtually or In home without labor support**

Single 2-3 hour prenatal visit

  • Discuss your health, birth history, and desires for your current birth
  • Review questions to ask your provider prior to birth
  • Answer questions regarding hospital procedures/protocol and explain what you can expect once admitted to hospital/birthing center–for vaginal or cesarean births
  • Possible interventions you may encounter during labor, along with real instruments used in labor
  • Review positions beneficial for labor progression
  • Suggest additional comfort measures
    • Teaching Comfort Measures to you and your partner (additional fee if virtual)
  • Advise support person in ways to assist during labor and how to best advocate for mom
  • Address initial procedures/care of newborn the first few hours after birth
  • Finalization of a customized birth plan you may keep as a reference for yourself or share with your provider and others who will be present for your birth

After Visit

  • Assistance with making changes to your plan as needed until your birth
  • Postpartum doula follow up by phone to discuss your birth experience and any additional need for referrals

**Save when you combine with our Help Yourself Toolkit**

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