Nurtured Postpartum Package

The first few days and weeks of your postpartum journey will be new territory for the entire household. Need help getting settled in after birth  or when you/partner return to work? Our support will promote a smooth postpartum transition for everyone as you adjust into new roles with confidence. During these in home postpartum visits we nurture mom and/or baby; allowing you to rest, recover, and find your parenting style.

**Postpartum Services Only**

  • Initial consultation via phone/video call
  • 1 Prenatal Visit (video call or in person)- discuss your pregnancy history,  postpartum goals, home tour, & create a postpartum plan . I will educate you and your partner in how to create a positive healing environment
  • 12 hours of postpartum support to be used as needed within 4 weeks. (4- 8 hour increments per appointment)
  • Call/text/email support from first postpartum visit until contracted hours are completed.
  • Appointment availability from 38- 42 weeks of pregnancy (if hired before birth)
  • Each postpartum appointment we will assist with: emotional and physical recovery after birth, breastfeeding/pumping support, infant soothing techniques, facilitating meal time for you and your partner, infant care (bathing, diapering, feeding, sleeping, etc), and providing an overall comfortable environment.
  • Visits are geared toward mom and/or infant care and can be adjusted as needed to meet your postpartum goals.
  • Education and encouragement for your partner and support circle on how to be most effective in their roles  
  • Virtual 1 hour appointments may be added between in person visits if needed

**Postpartum services are contracted in 12 hour increments to be used within 4 weeks**
*Not near us? Ask about our virtual postpartum support options*
**Save when you combine with any Labor Support Packages**

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