Honeymoon Advanced Birth Package

Like everything about doula services, but desire some clinical evaluation for added peace of mind? Get the best of both worlds with this hybrid of doula and nursing (monitrice) services.  Get additional monitoring for pregnancy and postpartum outside of your regular midwife/doctor appointments.  Allow us to monitor mom/baby during labor permitting you to remain at home as long as possible before transferring to your birth place. At your birth place we will then provide doula support only. This service averages 35-60 hours of support per client.

  • Initial consultation
  • 2 prenatal visits- discuss your health and birth history, desires for your current birth, & birth plan options. I will demonstrate for you and your partner massage techniques, positions, and exercises beneficial during your pregnancy and labor.
  • 2 Partner Pulse Check visits-Private virtual session for support person to address their needs in this journey and help them best support mom (1 prenatal 1 postpartum)
  • 2 Virtual visits (may be used prenatally or postpartum as needed)
  • 1 hour Maternity or Newborn Photography Session
  • Babymoon Day: Mommy belly Facial, foot massage, and facial. Prep for you photoshoot or a nice pick me up before your Birth day! (in home option)
  • Pampered Postpartum Day: 60 minute massage 4-8 weeks after birth (in home option)
  • Unlimited call/text/email support
  • Unlimited access to virtual library and resources until 8 weeks postpartum
  • Access to our Community Forums
  • Access to live childbirth series
  • Train for Birth virtual Workshop by Krisha Crosley at 34 weeks
  • Access to Evidence Based Birth Savvy Prenatal Curriculum (Client and 1 support person)
  • 24-hour on-call support from 38-42 weeks gestation
  • Mom/Baby vital signs at each prenatal/postpartum appointment
  • Continuous physical and emotional support during labor at home
  • Labor evaluation at your home prior to transfer to your birth place (maternal vitals, fetal heart tones, cervical exams at request)
  • Doula support and birth attendance after transfer to your birth location
  • 1-2 hours initial Postpartum doula support
  • Initial breastfeeding support
  • Written souvenir timeline of your birth
  • Postpartum visit- 1-4 weeks after birth  discuss your birth experience, evaluate breastfeeding progress, adjustment postpartum, address additional needs

WE DO NOT TAKE THE PLACE OF YOUR MIDWIFE OR DOCTOR-You are expected to receive full medical care throughout pregnancy and birth in a setting with a primary medical provider present.

**May increase Prenatal/Postpartum Visits and/or extend Postpartum support for additional fees**

**Save when you combine with our Nurtured Postpartum Package**

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